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Here you will find an on going list of news, things we find interesting and current funeral home events. You are also welcome to keep up with us on our Facebook page.

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In April of 2016 our staff had the honor of serving United States Navy Commander (RET), George (Sandy) McKamie McMillan, Jr., 64, of Signal Mountain. Sandy had been a long time Navy SEAL serving with UDT21 and SEAL Team Two. During the time frame he served, Sandy participated on countless missions in places his outcome was far from certain. Due to the classified nature of his responsibilities his wife and children said goodbye many times unknowing where he was headed or what length of time he would be gone.

Sandy passed unexpectedly last April at the age of 64. A memorial service was held in his honor and afterwards his family gave Sandy the honor of spreading his ashes via sea, air, and land (SEAL). Sandy’s family, along with a few other veteran SEAL families, gathered on the beach in Florida. A Navy helicopter flew overhead and numerous active duty & veteran SEALs jumped into the ocean then swam through the surf to the families waiting ashore. The SEALs took into their care the ashes from the families placing each into a satchel then reentered the ocean swimming them out to scatter at sea. 

Such a breath-taking way to honor and pay tribute to the sacrifices these men and their families made for our country. 

Two powerful quotes to consider:

“A nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.” - Abraham Lincoln

“Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land, and their loyalty to high ideals.” - Sir William Ewart Gladstone

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What an honor!! Thank you so much from everyone at Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory Battlefield Pkwy

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory Battlefield Pkwy!

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Today we had the honor of donating personal body armor to Officer Strickland, who recently joined the Ringgold Police Department. These brave men and women do so much to take care of our community so we wanted to give back and help take care of them. Again, thank you Officer Strickland and thank you Ringgold Police Department for allowing us the opportunity.

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We have recently had the privilege of working with the family of Mrs. Donne Bentley Wright of Chattanooga. After spending time with her family we learned about Mrs. Wrights' gracious attitude towards life. Today we got an even bigger insight into her spirit of giving when we stumbled across an article about the Change Ringing Bells installed in Breslin Towers at the University of the South. These bells were a gift from Mrs. Wright to the Sewanee, Tennessee community. The bells were cast at theWhitechapel Bell Foundry of London, England; who are also the makers of Big Ben and the Liberty Bell. The article is posted below...

"Sewanee is now home to a set of change ringing bells, thanks to the generosity of a gift from Mrs. Donne Bentley Wright of Chattanooga. With this gift, Sewanee joins the National Cathedral as one of four American institutions with both a carillon and change ringing bells. The eight new bells were cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry of London, England, the makers of Big Ben and the Liberty Bell. The casting took place on July 4th, and the bells were shipped across the Atlantic in October. They have been installed in Sewanee’s 100-foot, century-old Breslin Tower. “Sewanee holds a special place in my heart, and I am pleased that I can contribute to this noble endeavor that will, through the ringing of beautiful bells, be a thankful and blessed memorial to my parents, to the glory of God and in thankfulness for our six grandchildren,” said Mrs. Wright. The bells honor Mrs. Wright’s parents, Mildred Virginia Haefner Bentley and George Eli Bentley, and will be known as ‘the Bentley Bells.” The eight new bells, the largest of which, known as ‘the tenor,’ weighs 1255 pounds, will allow members of the Sewanee community to participate in the art of “change ringing.” The bells are rung in sequences as disciplined and orderly as the stones and timbers of the towers that surround them. These bells produce the rich cascade of sound that is change ringing, according to the North American Guild of Change Ringers (NAGCR). “Change ringing requires special bells, special ‘music,’ and people who enjoy working as a team,” according to NAGCR. “The human ingredient is critical because change ringing is very different from playing a carillon or chime. It is not a single person sitting at a keyboard. Change ringing depends on real bells, each swung in a complete circle by a single person: six bells - six people, eight bells - eight people, usually standing in a circle.” The idea to bring change ringing to Sewanee came from retired registrar Paul Engsberg, who, while serving as a visiting administrator, in 1995-96, at the University of Durham in the north of England, heard the Durham Cathedral band of bell ringers conducting a demonstration of change ringing. Soon after that, Engsberg began to take instruction in the art of change ringing. “It is not easy to express the sensation of awe which crept over me,” remembers Engsberg, “each time I began to wield the rope on bell Number Four.” Once he began his lessons, Engsberg, who also served as caretaker of Breslin Tower’s clockworks, wondered if it would be possible to expand the use of the Sewanee tower in its second century of existence, through the addition of change ringing bells. After Engsberg’s proposal was adopted by the university, Mrs. Wright stepped forward to make it possible. “We are fortunate that Mrs. Wright has chosen to honor both Sewanee and her parents in this way,” said Joel Cunningham, president and vice chancellor of Sewanee. “This gift will add to the richness of life within the university community, and for that we are thankful.” "



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Enter a meaningful memorial folder design for a chance to win a $400 VISA gift card!

Heritage Funeral Home is inviting applicants to submit their most creative and meaningful design ideas for a memorial folder for a loved one. Memorial folders have been used in funerals, life celebrations, and memorial services for generations as a token of remembrance to those in attendance. Designs are printed usually with enough so that everyone in attendance has one. Sometimes they’re simple and sometimes they’re elaborate.

So here’s the challenge:
Create a custom memorial folder for your own loved one. It’s doesn’t matter how long ago they passed.

It may have words of comfort (meaningful scripture, prayer, quotes), it may be decorated with timeless photos of the honoree (youth, husband and wife, family), and it may also incorporate stock photography that represents the loved one’s hobbies, interests, passions, beliefs.

Other examples where stock photography might be useful: seal from branch of service for U.S. veterans, logo of favorite sports team, school, charity, or maybe a stock photo of a favorite place they loved to visit. Good luck!

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Yesterday we had the honor of donating Officer Turnipseed, who just joined the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department, his personal body armor. These brave men and women do so much to take care of our community so we wanted to give back and help take care of them. Again, thank you Officer Turnipseed and thank you Fort Oglethorpe Police Department for allowing us the opportunity.

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Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory is proud to offer a completely unique idea to families they serve in the North Georgia and Chattanooga area. With the dawn of 3-D printing we are now able to create an urn for a loved one to be anything you tell us.

While creating our first 3-D urn we wanted to make something symbolic of our region. The Brotherton cabin in Chickamauga National Battlefield came to mind. The historic cabin has been visited by countless gen...erations making their way to Chickamauga National Park.

We’re excited to offer something to families that can truly be anything special or symbolic for their loved one. Perhaps dad had a mint green, 57 Chevy, with a dent in the back bumper from when he let his son drive it to prom, and a box of 8-tracks in the back seat, and a license plate that said "Dads 57"…all these details are included in the urn design.

The imagination is the only limitation. Each urn is created with an inner chamber to house the ashes of your loved one. The honoree’s name and date is incorporated in the design as well.

If a custom urn described above would be a meaningful remembrance for you or your family our staff would be honored to sit down and explore ideas. Every life is unique and we’re privileged to hear your life story.

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Thank you to everyone who shared their support during yesterday’s procession and ceremonies. Local, state, and federal agencies worked together perfectly to facilitate a tribute of honor that our North Georgia, Chattanooga community will never forget. The thousands of supporters lining the roads took our breath away leaving many of us in silence without words as we processed to the cemetery.

Thank you so much for being there. Thanks to the U.S. Navy for the honors displayed upon all the ceremonies. The conclusion of the day with the four F-18 navy jets flying in "Missing Man" formation over the cemetery pavilion was touching. Yesterday was a day we all felt so proud to be American and a part of a great country while we joined together remembering and honoring the life of Petty Officer 2C Randall Smith.

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For anyone who would like to come by early and sign the Smith family’s register book for Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith we have it available as well as a tribute celebrating the life of this hero. Special thanks to ImageWorks of Chattanooga, TN for designing and printing the displays. Community members wishing to show support can also visit our website and share condolences or view the memorial video at www.heritagebattlefield.com On behalf of the Smith family, thank you everyone who has already been by to sign and share support.

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Community support for Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith during the drive from Nashville International Airport back to Heritage Funeral Home, Battlefield Parkway was something never to be forgotten. All the law enforcement agencies involved made the trip run perfectly and the love and support demonstrated with each community we passed along the way was exactly the hero's welcome Randall deserved. Again, Thank you so much to everyone involved.

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Flag Day, celebrated on June 14, commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened on this day in 1777 by the resolution of the Second Continental Congress. The first national observance of Flag Day was 100 years later, on June 14, 1877. Today, June 14, 2015 we salute the flag as a way to celebrate and honor the United States of America.

Interesting Fact about the Flag – 
President George Washington described the design like this: "We take the stars from heaven, the red from our mother country, separating it by white stripes, thus showing that we have separated from her, and the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing liberty."

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Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory wishes you a peaceful and blessed Memorial Day.

Events at Chattanooga National Cemetery this weekend:
Saturday May 23rd, 8am - The Scouts Honor Veterans Ceremony. All gravesites will be decorated with an American Flag. 
Monday May 2th, 11am - Annual Memorial Day Ceremony. Pay your respects to the memory of those who gave their lives defending our freedoms.

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Meaningful Funeral Challenge winner
During the month of April, Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory held a “Meaningful Funeral Challenge”. We encouraged the North Georgia & Chattanooga community to submit their ideas and thoughts for a meaningful end of life ceremony for oneself or loved one. Submissions were judged with creativity and meaningfulness in mind. We encouraged ideas that reflect all the unique characteristics of the life being celebrated.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. They were a pleasure to read. The winning Meaningful Funeral idea was sent in by 15 year old Ryan Mattox from Ringgold, GA. Ryan expressed, in great detail, his thoughts for the way in which people would come together to remember and celebrate his life. He described a funeral held just before sunset at a large lake; keepsake rings given to each person at the gathering, even the music playing in the background. Ryan’s essay painted a picture that made you feel as if you there.

Congratulations Ryan and thank you for sharing your Meaningful Funeral with us!

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Spring has arrived and we hope everyone is enjoying warmer days and the blooming Dogwoods and Azaleas. Stop by our lobby during the next few weeks for a wildflower seed packet. The wildflower seed mixture consists of a variety of Scarlet and Blue Flax, Baby’s Breath, Red Poppy, White Alyssum, Blue Bachelor’s Button, Calendula, Coneflower, and more.
After you have your seed packet go find a special place to honor and remember a loved one. There are also two special poems to be found inside your seed packet. We sincerely hope they contribute meaning and love in your time of remembrance. From your friends and family at Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory, wishing you an extra special Easter weekend.

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Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory is pleased to begin offering the Funeral Ark to the families we serve who select cremation. The Funeral Ark helps bridge the gap between cremation and a traditional service. The craftsmanship of the Ark creates a dignified and beautiful presentation of any urn by providing a focal point in a visitation room, church or chapel.  The Ark also provides the option to showcase photographs, floral tributes and memorabilia next to the honored urn. 

Being named a pallbearer is one of the greatest honors in our society.  The Funeral Ark allows an urn to be carried traditionally by pallbearers during a memorial service or when going from the funeral home to a church or cemetery. Incorporating the use of pallbearers keeps ceremonies personal as well as honors those selected to serve.

Expertly crafted of solid cherry hardwood, the Ark can accommodate urns of nearly any size or shape with dignity and grace.

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vMeaningful Funeral Challenge  

Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory is encouraging the North Georgia & Chattanooga community to submit their ideas and thoughts for a meaningful end of life ceremony for oneself or loved one. Ceremonial ideas could be something you would like for your own services or perhaps a close family member. 
Submit your idea to wecare@heritagebattlefield.com by April 30th, 2015. Entries will go before a local panel consisting of licensed funeral directors, certified Life Celebrants, and local hospice representatives. 
The winner will receive a new iPad compliments of Heritage Funeral Home. Awards will also be given to the 2nd and 3rd runner up. Winners will be announced May 3rd.
Submissions will be judged with creativity and meaningfulness in mind. Opportunities for ways in which to honor and celebrate a life are endless. 

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Solid wood heart keepsakes
These solid wood keepsakes are hand-made with care, and available in either dark or light wood. Add personalization to this keepsake with an engraving. Each heart holds a small amount of cremains and comes with a black keepsake bag.

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Best of the Best 2014 Award
Thank you for voting Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory, Battlefield Parkway the “Best of the Best” in 2014! We are humbled with your votes. Winning this distinction, for the 5th year in a row, is a tribute to the families we are honored and blessed to serve. It has been our pleasure to serve you. We will continue in our effort to provide the highest level of care to the families we have the privilege to serve. From all the staff at Heritage Funeral Home, Battlefield Parkway, Thank You.

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We are excited and honored to sponsor a youth from our North Georgia community at YMCA Camp Ocoee this summer! Camp Ocoee is a beautiful place and experience for campers lucky enough to call Camp home for a week during the summer months. Camp Ocoee is a wilderness Christian camp that gets kids outdoors, where they can learn and experience a variety of land and water based activities (i.e. horses, ...waterskiing, climbing, hiking, standup paddleboards, kayaking, swimming, canoeing, friendship bracelet making.)

Campers also develop communication and leadership skills that will continue into adulthood. There are many kids who could learn a lot from the Camp Ocoee experience. If any other businesses or individuals are interested in sponsoring a child this summer please join us! http://www.campocoee.com/about/csc/

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Memorial Day 
Ringgold, GA pays respect to it’s veterans each Memorial Day by displaying more than 1,200 flags and crosses with the respective veteran’s name, branch of service, and war where they served.
This tribute was started by Mayor Joe Barger and brings visitors from far off to the special town of Ringgold. The flags and crosses are displayed on Memorial Day and Veterans Day each year.

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Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory's Ben Friberg is a Certified Life Celebrant
What is a Celebrant?  
A Celebrant is a person who is trained and certified to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. A Celebrant serves by providing a funeral service that is personalized to reflect the personality and life-style of the deceased.
A Celebrant has been specifically trained to design a service that is completely personal, incorporating those unique stories, songs and experiences that defined the loved one. A Celebrant will schedule a special Family Time for the family to share memories, anecdotes and special moments in the loved one’s life. The essence of the service will be based upon the remembrances of the family.
A Celebrant has a library of resources available for readings, music, ceremonies and personal touches. The Celebrant will consult with the family to help design a service that best reflects and memorialized the life of their loved one. A Celebrant is bound by a Code of Ethics for complete confidentiality in all dealings with the family.

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Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory is partnered with York Children's Foundation. This foundation allows us to partner and provide financial aide to local non-profits benefiting children. We strongly encourage any organization benefiting children in our community to contact us so we can try and arrange this partnership.

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