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Cremation Services

Choosing cremation.

Our staff provides professional and affordable cremation services in Fort Oglethorpe, GA with reputable and licensed funeral directors.

We Provide

  • Transportation for your loved one from a residence, medical facility or hospice
  • Proper documents including filing of death certificates
  • Licensed and experienced funeral directors
  • Online tribute/obituary listings

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For unexpected deaths please call 911.

cremation services in Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Why Choose Us?

Families have been trusting us with their loved ones because of our superior service and professionalism. Our local, licensed funeral directors carefully plan each and every service.

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Immediate Answers

Licensed funeral directors and experienced staff to provide guidance along every step of the way.

safe transportation for cremation

Safe Transportation

Our professional staff will pick up your loved one at your residence, hospital, or hospice and transport them with care.

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Peace of Mind

A long history of positive testimonials and reviews from excellent services and satisfied families.

Cremation Offers Many Options

Cremation services, like burial services, look different from one family to the next, but always provide a meaningful way to honor a deceased loved one. We work with families to ensure cremation services that are in line with their beliefs, values, and wishes. We also provide family members with different options for preserving and honoring the cremated remains of their loved one—including urns, Columbariums, cremation grave markers, and more. Options are also available to place cremated remains alongside cherished mementos—such as photographs—or even within cremation benches or rocks.

Whatever kind of service you choose, we want to ensure that it fulfills all the wishes of your family and your deceased loved one. Please contact us to discuss these options further.

cremation options in Fort Oglethorpe, GA

What is Cremation?

During the cremation process, intense heat reduces human remains to their original elements. Our trained staff will bring your loved one to the crematory in a cremation container. Following cremation, we will receive the cremated remains and place them into an urn that has been selected by the family. There are several options a family has in the final disposition of the remains at this point, including:

  • Ceremonial Scattering – Gulf or other place of importance
  • Home Memorialization
  • Inurnment – Burial or Niche

Final Memorialization

A permanent place to reflect on your loved one becomes a way of connecting to a family's past.

cremation memorialization

The Cremation Authorization

When a loved one passes and the honoree’s family decides to have a cremation performed, one of the steps the funeral director helps with is completing the required cremation authorization. This form is one of the most important documents necessary in order for a cremation to take place.

The cremation authorization must be signed by the honoree’s legal next-of-kin. The next-of-kin who will need to sign the paperwork is determined by which relative is closest related to the honoree by the following order:

  • Spouse 
  • Adult Children 
  • Parents 
  • Adult Grandchildren 
  • Nephews or Nieces 
  • Maternal Grandparents 
  • Paternal Grandparents 
  • Adult Aunts or Uncles 
  • First Cousins
If an honoree’s children happen to be the next-of-kin, the law in both Tennessee and Georgia state that the majority must sign the cremation authorization. (This rule about majority applies to situations where the next of kin might be grandchildren, nieces/nephews, grandparents, and so on.)

The Cremation Authorization

Click on the graphic on the left to download the file.

Signing Cremation Authorization

Example of Majority: Signatures obtained from two out of three next-of-kin.

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Memorial Products

Today’s cremation urns have been designed to meet the needs of unique and personal ceremonies and memorialization. The choices consist of:

  • Biodegradable Urns for scattering.
  • Cast Acrylic Statuary Art Urns designed to be an artistic form that is uplifting and a comforting tribute.
  • Memento Chests provide the perfect place to store photos heirlooms and other cherished items.
  • Hardwood Urns have the natural warmth and beauty of fine woods.
  • Marble Urns hand-crafted from natural marble with distinctive graining patterns.
  • Sheet Bronze Urns can be personalized with engravings and appliques, reflecting the unique personality of the individual.
  • Small Keepsake Urns and Jewelry, to hold a personal remembrance.
  • Art Glass hand blown artistic personal keepsakes
  • Thumbies Personalized jewelry and pendants with unique fingerprint technology.

cremation memorial products urns

Cremation Stone 

Heritage Funeral Home & Crematory, Battlefield Parkway, is proud to offer a new service to the Chattanooga and North Georgia community; we now have the option of solidifying into stone the ashes of a loved one.  

Why might you choose stone instead of ashes?

It’s quite special to hold your loved one in the palm of your hand as a smooth stone. We’ve heard the experience described as healing, inspiring, calming, and a host of other positive feelings.

Some families want to be able to look at a tangible thing as a remembrance of their loved one and a smooth stone seems to be more desirable/acceptable in comparison to ashes.

For families choosing to scatter a loved one during the season of loss, a stone presents itself in a different way for a memorial. Perhaps a stone is tossed into a moving river, the ocean, or placed in a forest beneath a favorite tree, there are so many meaningful ways in which a family may decide to return their loved one back to nature should their method of disposition be one of “release” similar to that of scattering. Other creative ideas families have had include painting the stones, accessorizing and curating home planters or gardens with the stones, the meaningful ideas truly are endless.

Should you allow our funeral home the honor of solidifying a loved one’s ashes you can expect to receive 40-60 stones from the average amount of adult ashes. Families also have the option of solidifying a smaller portion of their loved one’s ashes if they prefer to keep some of the remains in the form of ash.

Note: Cremations Performed In The Past

If you have lost a loved one in the past, you have their ashes in your possession at present, and you would like our business to solidify them for you, we would be honored to help. The entire solidification process will take us approximately 2 months due to the nature of the process.

Should you or your family have questions please call, we’d be honored to answer any questions you may have 706-866-5400.

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Cremation Families at Heritage Funeral Home will be asked by their family counselor: Ash or Stone?
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